" Business entrepreneurs, the tricks to succeed ! "

" Business entrepreneurs, the tricks to succeed ! "


To have a project and to achieve it are two different things.

Before starting by yourself alone or with some associates, it is a necessary prerequisite to take the time to analyse so that your project will be prepared.


Here are a few advices to start the beginning of your dream so that you will ensure that is won’t become your worst nightmare.

1To accurately specify your professional project

  • Chat is achievable
  • What is not immediately achievable and what is not at all feasible.
  • To measure supply and demand (target, marketing survey, competition, what is working and what can be improved : sustainability of the compagny…)


2. To scrutinize your deep motivation

  • Why is this project essential for me ?
  • What does it feed in myself ? (my need of aknowledgement of justice, of success, of being valuable… ?)
  • What is my added value ?
  • When and how will I know if  am satisfied ?


3To question your own competency and your « limits » so as to develop « your possibilities » and to get ride of « your brakes and limited beliefs »

  • Multi-faceted ? For my project, do I just need to know how to manage the technical side or should I also need to manage the commercial side, the administration and managerial one ?

4. To measure the consequences of the day to day life

  • Financial
  • Humain
  • Domestic
  • Environmental (to work at home at the beginning, to get an office, will be a decision which will interfere with your day to day habits…)

5. To define a professional aim achievable

  • The aim should be in direct link with your professional project and motivations
  • To implement : TO DO IT !
  • To be define with ONE sentence
  • To be clear for yourself so that it will be celar for others

6. To take the time of building awareness and to brin git next to your goal

  • What do I have to help me in my surroundinggs ?
  • What do I miss and what should I go hunting for ?
  • What are the tools at my disposal ?
  • How to activate them ?


7. To define your supply and your strategy of development (planning), growth, provisional..) linked whith your goal and facing a need/demand of the market


8. To define the legal status of the compagny which fit your project and your target

  • Self-compagny
  • An accounting office/legal offic will be very usfeful to help you choose the best legal status
  • Each project and each strategy of development are therefore different, to take the time to get the most accurate information by a professional is essential

9. To build a clear offer and a sales pitch

  • The need and the demand
  • To build your written offer and your pitch
  • Reflexion on the relevance of a communication, the tools, its cost…

10. To define the secondary aims linked with the main target and your strategy of development


11.To define the necessary tasks to achieve to reach the secundary targets

  • To build for yourself a monthly, quaterly and annual retro-planning, regarding your goal/ activity  

12. To take the time for facing the unexpected and the potential emergencies (as there will always be some)

13. To discipline yourself to master your work schedule with the right tools

  • Administrative management (very important to succeed in your professional project : accounting, taxes, statements, invoices, quote requests for clients…)
  • Commercial management (prospection, clients appointments, networks…)
  • Operational management (time necessary to create a service, or a production, management…)

14. The network, the network, the NETWORK !

  • To contact the networks of managers in your own field
  • To get a sponsor
  • To contact the network helping the compagnies to exist 

15. To take time for listening to your environment

  • Private
  • Professional (competition, market, news, new technologies…)

16To take care of your physical as well as mental health (leisure, breaks, to put distance so as to have a better view over your secundary targets, your strategy, your supply…) Those breaks are unavoidable for your project…)


17. Iron will to reach goal


18. Key for success is

  • 80% preparation
  • 20% execution 

19. Start your day with a positive thought

  • To be aware daily of what has been done (not of what remains to be done)
  • To know how to congratulate yourself

20. To proceed from project to realisation

  • « Reflexion, Decision, Action, Adaptation ! »

« Limits are the one’s that you set up yourself, boraden the scope of possibilities » Akô

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